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Monday, October 26, 2009

What Would New York Style Be Without Black?

Around the world, it's known. If you're going to New York, pack black. Today's two new friends are both originally from Germany (they didn't know one another until introduced today). Illustrating our global renown for black, our newer residents here were quick to get with the program, doing so fashionably and with their own style. How do you think they're doing so far?

On a personal note, ironically, the attractive brunette is a fantastic professional photographer named Özge Celik (www.oezgecelik.com). So, we had the amateur photographer (me) shooting a professional photographer (Özge), all being shot by another professional photographer (Mark Fisher). Too bad the film crew wrapped earlier (Below).

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mcressii said...

Both of these two were absolutely beautiful. All black highlights accessories and the face. The bag catches the eye in the first as well as her beautiful skin tone and hair to pull the viewers eyes up. The black frames her face well and has excellent contrast. The yellow scarf in the second brings the eyes up to an otherwise muted complexion of fair skin and light hair. By having the yellow scarf highlighted around the neck, it brings the eyes to the face and pulls out her natural hue, a deft choice to focus the viewer's eyes.