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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Walk in the Park with Kerstin Lechner

Kerstin Lechner
I've tried to imagine what I would have felt. You grow up in a small town in Austria that virtually no one else has heard of. At the age of 18, you have a dream. To pursue it, you pack your bags and move to Milan. Then Paris. Then Miami, New York and Los Angeles. The culture shock(s) would be incredible. On top of the geographics, you find a way to thrive in each environment. It would take a special person and personality to have the guts and passion to pull it off.

Kerstin Lechner did just that.

After moving and settling in New York, she finally felt at home and would never leave. She was thriving. Within the last year Kerstin started spending some time in L.A. and loved it. A feeling came over her that if she didn't move to find out if that was the place for her, she would always regret it. I understand, I've felt that way twice before as well. Ironically, the first time was L.A.. Of the two times, one worked out and the other didn't- but I'm happy I did both.

I was thrilled to grab her during a 5-day trip back to NYC for work and take a walk through Central Park and catch up. One of her recent jobs will be bringing her back once a month so she can get her fill. Happy, at ease and feeling peaceful- the more laid-back lifestyle is doing her good.

As much as I love Manhattan, I've long realized we have to get off this little island to really appreciate it. A weekend, a trip or even an extended stay somewhere else breaks up the monotony. After-all, it takes contrast to have gratitude.

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