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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Black Swan

Alexa Winner
So what do you get when you put me with a celebrity stylist who has stunning model looks? Here's the answer... in part. 

I say in part because there's really two chapters of this story. Chapter one is such a great variety of looks. Yes, I have pictures that are less dramatic and perhaps more "real". When I met Alexa Winner, I knew this was going to be different- the fun kind of different. This was going to get interesting.

Alexa, as a stylist is used to putting together looks for celebs, individuals and models on modeling shoots as well as clothing lines (some big ones at that). She's used to being behind the camera, prodding people to do things they may feel a little uncomfortable doing. Having the spotlight in front of the camera, her boldness to get the right shot comes through. She was more than willing to position herself in places 99.9% of people wouldn't dare. We did find out how far we could push it. Laying on the railing at NYU's 1 Washington Square North where they have faculty offices and classrooms, unintentionally timed when classes happen to be getting out? No problem. Only in New York will people just walk by as if it's just another day in the City. Except for the occasional gawking male. Can we really blame him?  

Alexa Winner Graces NYU Campus
Credits for all images  below.

We were thinking (her idea) that our last shot of the day would be in the fountain at Washington Square Park. Let's just say that the two of us together are like throwing a match on gasoline, both more than willing to throw caution to the wind. We never got that fountain shot... didn't need to. But I digress, that falls under the Chapter 2 part of the story for tomorrow. 

A Parsons grad in Integrated Design, she understands so many aspects of the industry. An artist. Her shoes were black, she wanted them gold- so she spraypainted them. I dare say it would take a little previous hands-on experience to do that confidently knowing it would be a good outcome. Her talent is obvious and she's in high demand. I personally think she should be in high demand in front of the camera as well.

Alexa Winner
Alexa had read that I inevitably have word-association with people I spend a little time with and profile, so she asked what hers would be. Black Swan. Why? First, she has this beautiful long neck that you can't help but notice. A "Black" Swan because, as highlighted in "Swan Lake", they're extremely rare. Rare she is. The wonderful refreshing kind. I thought it was fitting and she took to it as well.

One of the many beauties of Alexa Winner
Dress: Rolando Santana
Gold Cuff: Stephen Mikhail
Headband: Made by Alexa
Shoes: Bordello (Spraypainted gold by Alexa)
Stylist: Alexa Winner of course!

Wonderful time but we're far from done. In tomorrow's Black Swan-Chapter 2, we found out just how far we could push it before we (somewhat humorously) found out how far is too-far.

Click here for The Black Swan (Chapter 2)...

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