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Monday, June 7, 2010

Boston Sophisticate

A while ago I received an email that said, "I absolutely love your site, your point of view and what your doing. You're someone I really would like to meet. Can we make that happen?". Genuine flattery getting you everywhere, my response was "Of course!".

Spending my fair share of time in Boston, Amy Patt and I finally firmed up plans to get together. As I was about to walk into our meeting place, I glanced across the street and someone caught my attention. Realize I am always looking for someone to catch my eye; that said, it doesn't happen as often as you may think. Just the right style and intangibles are rare.

As I was looking over, that very tall, well-dressed beautiful blonde waved at me. I thought, could this be Amy? Sure enough, as she made her way across the intersection she said, "Michael!?". That was my introduction. From there, things moved fast. I was going to get coffee but there was a line. No problem. Amy whispered over to one of the people working there and a coffee was immediately in my hands. That's just how Amy is.

Amy is one of those people that just seems to know and make friends with everyone. Someone I instantly adored. A personality that is a vortex and brings you into her orbit. She's in perpetual motion. Constantly talking with people either in person or on the phone. If there's a brief lull, she checks her messages and returns emails. Among other things, she's a connector, a networker. Need something? She knows who to go to get things done.

Previously married and now a single mother of two, life has been constantly evolving. Five years ago she began to get involved in the sparse Boston fashion scene. Being a networker, logical planner and social, she started a high-end event planning, fashion consulting and promotion company. It took off. Just a couple of weeks ago she held a sold-out event with 700 people that included a runway show. From the people I spoke with who attended, it was a huge success. The once desolate Boston fashion scene is now thriving with an average of two shows a week. They've come a long way. Did Amy Patt have something to do with it? I have to think her energy and enthusiasm only helped. The degree is impossible to quantify but they don't call her "the fashion lady" for nothing.

Amy's evolution is continuing on to more and larger opportunities. She recently became the Boston correspondent for Black-Tie Magazine and has a blog called the "Boston Sophisticate" that covers a wide array of her experiences and views of the fashion and social scene as well as thoughts on her own life.

The biggest opportunity Amy now has is she is becoming the General Manager for World Model Pros and World Model Magazine. For the modeling agency, she has begun scouting new talent and will be traveling to Croatia later in the summer to establish an international office. Things are moving fast for Amy Patt. She has the energy, the personality and the talent to pull it off. In fact, I don't think she'll let anything stop her. This is going to be fun to watch!

Style definitely has a story.

Her look: Amy is very thoughtfully well-put together and accessorized . White jeans and a white top with a navy jacket cinched at the waste. The navy framing her face was a good choice to balance and bring contrast to the white and highlight her lighter skin and hair. The clothing and bag are from a nifty Boston boutique called Terrida (they have mens as well- I checked!). The stylish heels are Max Azria and sunglasses by Dolce & Gabanna.

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