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Friday, June 18, 2010

Suzy Malick

Suzy Malick
Everyone is unique. That said, there are individuals that fall into an exceptional sub-category. For me, the true artist is a special group. It doesn't seem to make a difference which artistic medium it is, they make them all look easy. The artistic mind looks at the world in a different way; the world is a blank canvas of possibility. Whether it's painting, literature, music or the vast array of other creative endeavors, the artist seems to move with impunity from one to another with an ease that the rest of us find unfathomable. Call it "right-brained" or whatever you wish, I dare say we all know people who fit this description.

All evidence tells me that Suzy Malick is one of these rare exceptional individuals. Beautiful? Unquestionably. It would be a mistake to simply stop at this obvious point, as  pleasant as that may be. 

A native of Detroit, she spread her wings and began modeling at 18; work which took her all over the world. By her own admission, as well as it was going and in the face of high demand she couldn't help but get what some would consider sidetracked. Sidetracked with what? Artistic endeavors of virtually every kind. As a result modeling was on-again, off-again. There seemed to be an artistic void that needed to be filled with more.

Acting came naturally. Even with all the natural talent in the world, tremendous hard work must accompany that talent to become successful. Suzy works hard, no issue there. Her acting career blossomed as her modeling career had. Commercially a dual threat- what next?

In idle moments some people like to do crossword puzzles or play solitaire on the computer. Suzy wrote poetry; she just enjoyed doing it. Expressive, enjoyable and a natural thing to do. One day a friend pointed out that music and poetry are in many ways one in the same. The seed that was planted began to grow and eventually bare fruit.

Suzy Malick's first live concert was... in front of 40,000 people. Thrilling? Oh yes. Nerve racking? You better believe it. She thanks God it was for a song she wrote and for her acting experience to help get her through it. She came through with flying colors. Currently she has music which she wrote and performed coming out in a few new films. She's working on two more singles at the moment and will be releasing her first album. 

Suzi has been and will continue to make touring appearances with EMI Music's Latin-crossover band "Sussie 4" for their new CD. The new CD, "International Sonora" was nominated for the best disco/dance album by the Indie Awards only 3 months after its release. Appearances with the group have been taking her back and forth to Mexico on a regular basis and shortly she'll be going back for a 6-week stint. I didn't detect the Mexico appearances bother her in the least as she's found an oasis on the Yucatan Peninsula coast. It sounds unspoiled and serene... so I won't spill the exact locale.  

Her website is still trying to catch up to her but should be worth keeping an eye on. One of Suzi's singles, "Sunday" from Sussie 4's album "International Sonora" is available, so its worth a visit.

Couldn't go all this way without noting the look. She's wearing a beautiful and classic dress designed by New York designer Elliot Mann, who has a boutique in Manhattan's East Village. The color works perfectly for her hair and skin tone. The dress has a subtle sparkle to it which is a nice touch (you may need to click on the image to enlarge and see the detail). As your New York Sartorialist, I'll be planning a trip to check out the rest of the line and report back. Overall, a classic look that transcends time and "fashion".

Did I mention she's still modeling? A little "oh by the way"... in the next couple of months Suzi will be on the cover if Maxim Magazine in Latin America with a multi-page spread and interview. May take a little looking but I'm confident we'll find a copy in the international newsstands. It's OK if we can't read the language, we got an interview here- we can just enjoy more photos. Now we know how much more is behind the beauty.
Suzy Malick

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