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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Natalie King

When she was growing up, all she wanted to do was be in the fashion and magazine business. Using her resourcefulness and passionate energy, she started writing freelance in college. Her Senior year, it all started to come together.

Natalie King is not just another pretty face. When she decides her destination, its just a matter of time before she gets there.

Born in North Carolina, her mother remarried when she was eight. Her step-father was a Boston native, so the family relocated. Always having the split contrast of the urban Northeast and the slower paced Outer Banks, she finds her balance in enjoying the best of both worlds. Whether its due to cultural geography, family upbringing or just an innate sense of style, Natalie has an elegant balance about her.

That Senior year in Boston, she attended a charity event that's always been an annual ritual. As a motivated aspiring writer, she arranged an interview with a well known boutique owner. Serendipitously, earlier at the event Natalie had been seated at the same table of a woman she felt oddly gravitated to. Her mannerisms, the way she spoke, dressed and carried herself. Asking someone else at the table who this lady was, she learned it was the owner and editor of Upscale Living magazine.

Following the formalities, Natalie sat down to do her interview with the boutique owner. As the stars aligned, the editor knew the boutique owner and sat down with them during the interview. One can imagine the self-pressure she immediately felt as this editor, who she naturally liked, sat watching. This was a moment to be professional and impressive. She was.

Following the interview, the editor asked who she was working for. Natalie explained she was working freelance and was in her last year of college. In a matter of fact way the editor said, "you're going to work with me now".

Starting as a freelance contributor to the magazine, Natalie did all she could to learn different aspects of the business, even volunteering to work as an unpaid intern for photographers so she could see a bit more through their eyes. Time went on and her passion pointed her down the path. Fast-forward three years later, Natalie King is the editor of Upscale Living magazine.

Upscale Living is what you may imagine. It's primary audience is the affluent and everything is done in a way that target-market would expect. From the glossy pages to editorials on travel, resorts, interior design, properties and fashion, it's high-end luxury.

Natalie's beauty blind to no one, she routinely gets recruited to model for editorials for the magazine. Early on she had trepidation about modeling and understandably so. She's serious and driven at work, the last thing she wanted was to have modeling undermine her role as a writer. Fortunately for all involved, it hasn't sidetracked her. We get to see her editorial prowess as well as her gorgeous looks.

Always passionate about fashion, she's a throw-back to what a few of us feel ought to be. Classic style. Our personal similarities and outlook were quickly apparent to us both. Classic movies, dress, etiquette, style. The dress she's wearing in the above image is vintage and timeless. It's simply the natural thing to do. It's nice to know we're not alone in this abyss of shabby "comfort".

Natalie is now exploring her passion for interior design. As the magazine frequently editorializes on design and designers, perhaps it was just a matter of time. I have a feeling she's going to be very good at it. Graceful personal style emanates though all mediums and it certainly does for Natalie King.

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