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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ashley Lambert

As soon as I met Ashley, I couldn't take my eyes off her. She's obviously beautiful but has great energy. Her expressiveness and personality really shines through in images. I'm constantly amazed at how much someone tells about themselves simply through small nuances in their face and eyes. It's a window to the soul.

Ahh. Summer is here and the sundresses are out. There's something wonderful, natural and attractive about the simplicity of a sundress. This shot of Ashley is pure visible pleasure of her ease and comfort. I'm typically not a fan of flats but they are de rigueur here. Fortunately, these are stylish and quite attractive. A long way from flip-flops which I must admit I abhor since they ruin an otherwise great look.

An interesting topic of conversation revolved around of all things, sports. Ashley played college soccer. Having played college and professional golf in a former life myself, talk of dedication, hard-work and competition flowed. It's one of those things that you have to have experienced to truly understand. I will say she has great balance in life and really gets it.

Ashley Lambert is the new generation in the fashion industry. Recently getting her degree in Fashion Marketing, she's worked behind the scenes on countless fashion shows. Unless you're in the industry its hard to appreciate the complexity of a runway show. Organized chaos. Months of preparation and planning and an untold number of people involved that converge for a couple hour window of final preparation for a show that may last all of 15 minutes. Something unexpected always goes wrong in the final moments that takes a cool head to work through. It takes a special personality and demeanor to organize a show from beginning to end. Ashley does it very well. I only wish she wan't backstage so we could see her stylish charm!

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