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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Takara Sewitt

Takara Sewitt
In the middle of a marathon of work that looked to be stretching into a 36 hour day, I caught up with up-and-coming actress Takara Sewitt.

Her look underscores how simplicity in dress can really work. Seemed like the only simple thing for her in this day. Next stop was a 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM shoot for an independent movie. Growing up Takara didn't envision a life in entertainment, she thought it would be in business. Along the way she started acting and found she had a tremendous passion for it. Whoever thought being an actor or actress was easy have been greatly mislead. Tough, tough business. Even on no sleep and none to come soon, there were no complaints. Passion works that way.

For all practical purposes, Takara's a native New Yorker (family moved here when she was 6). She mentioned her mother was Australian, so I asked an otherwise unusual question- "So how did your parents meet?". I'm glad I asked.

Turns out her father managed KISS and they were in Australia on tour. Her mother was a beautiful model and was asked to come to dinner with the band. Running late to dinner, in Takara's words "she got stuck sitting next to my father". That started a long-distance relationship that led to her mother moving to the States four months later. Taking a big chance on a wing and a prayer, it obviously worked out. Now that's cool!

Tired but still moving forward, next stop- that 7:00 shoot. After that? We'll have to watch. 

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