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Friday, June 4, 2010

Elena Kollarova

I can play word-association with almost everyone I've ever profiled. Elena Kollarova is Regal.

Bulgarian born and raised, Elena is now in college pursuing a Marine Biology degree at Suffolk University. I'm no dummy (others may argue differently) but I'm not sure I could have survive through college in marine biology. "Thanks for coming but this probably is not your calling" is what I would have heard after another dismal grade.

We've established two clear things about Elena: she's beautiful and smarter than many (most) of us. Did I mention she's a sweetheart too? Stunning, magnificent, elegant, intelligent and a great personality. Total package. People I like... in my never-ending hopes that I can get some through osmosis (my token biology term).

Elena's been modeling and walking the runways and is now poised to really break-out with her modeling career. Even more obvious to me since I had such a hard time choosing which image to go with-  all incredible. Ahh, those steely blue eyes. Perhaps I'll put another one in... if I can make up my mind which.

Anyone who reads this site with any regularity knows that I feel style is about more than how someone looks or dresses. There are so many intangibles to have style, a classic style- that it would be hard to categorize them. It comes from the inside-out. There's simply no faking it. It's transparent.

Having had a varied conversation after taking these shots on Bulgaria, America, marine biology, her trip to Maine in August for school and SCUBA diving- my first instinct was correct. This gal has style and she lives it. Whether Elena is on the cover of every fashion magazine in the world, finds her place working in and near the water or chooses some unknown path, I'm confident she'll do it... regally.

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