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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kim Alexis: Still Going Strong

Seen on Tuesday evening at the Stefano Marcantonio Launch Party was Kim Alexis, one of the top supermodels of the 80's and still ranked among the all-time greatest.

Kim looked gorgeous in her simple but elegant sleeveless black dress and her timeless and classical natural  features.

Twenty-five years after the middle of a career that put her on over 500 magazine covers and in a half-dozen SI swimsuit issues, her beauty hasn't faded.

Looking back at the stunning images from that period, the contrast from todays "supermodels" was striking. Kim, as well as other top models at the time like Christie Brinkley had beautiful hourglass figures. Yes, I'm getting on my soapbox now. Today, what would they say if an 18-year old Kim Alexis showed up again? Tell her to lose weight or just turn her away?

 I honestly don't understand the rationale of this thin and less shapely trend. No one I know finds the current look more attractive. Yes, woman have hips. Yes, it's attractive. Yes, it makes the clothes look better.

Ahhh. The good old days. A little closer to when woman were woman, men were men and supermodels weren't forced to have measurements of 16-year old boys. At least we can go back and look at Kim Alexis.

Former NHL hockey great and Kim Alexis' husband, Ron Duguay, The New York Sartorialist and Kim Alexis.


Anonymous said...

most men that pick models now a days are gay men, need I say more...

mcressii said...

Nope. That pretty much says it all. Truly.



Julia said...

Notice anything unusual about Kim Alexis? She has a normal mouth! Normal looking lips! I love that. It is so rare to see that these days on women, and consequently they all look like clones with misshapen features. I remember her from the 80's and it is great to see her now.

By the way, I really enjoyed you on The Treatment the other day; a nice accompaniment in my art studio!