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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Class Act: Alex Harris

Alex Harris is many things. Seventh generation jewelry company owner specializing in high-end estate jewelry as well as contemporary designs, father of two, UK native, world traveler, a great guy and very stylish to boot.

Today, Alex is sporting Ralph Lauren trousers and blazer, YSL shirt and Church's (of London) shoes. Simple with elegance, easy-going to match his personality. Characteristically, two top buttons unbuttoned- he knows who he is, what works for him and what he is comfortable wearing.

With Alex's pedigree, offices in NYC, L.A. and London, rich and famous clients, well connected and a beautiful girlfriend training to be a neurologist- he could easily give a standoffish persona. Fortunately for us, he doesn't. He dresses as he is: approachable, pleasant and laid back.

As if his plate wasn't full enough, Alex, his girlfriend Dr. Shireen Fernandez and close friend Bonnie Snyder created "Society's Choice".  Their vision was to make NYC a better place by offering a venue for many New Yorker's to have a better social life by having frequent events and gatherings to bring people together. As large as New York is, it can be one of the loneliest places in the world. With Society's Choice, everyone is welcome and its clear in the pure warmth of those who come... it's hard not to feel welcome. Alex's special gift of making everyone feel welcome, making introductions and being a wonderful host gives you little wonder why the events have been such a big success. Alex knows first-hand what its like to be in New York as the new guy in town, having moved here 6 years ago and having no social circle to jump into. For him, the feelings of an outsider trying to make friends is still very fresh and provides inspiration for him to make it easier for those going through those feelings now. The New York Sartorialist gives a tip of the hat to Alex, Shireen and Bonnie for their wonderful efforts!
Alex's best rendition of the New York Sartorialist!



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