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Friday, February 26, 2010

NY Fashion Week: Random Images, The Final Act

I admit it, it's far easier to just post images than write. Perhaps I've been a bit lazy for the last week while recovering from NYFW. On the other hand, I got some interesting shots throughout the week, some good... others just a little odd. I'll be back to writing shortly enough and have a lot of material to work with. In the interim, here's the final take on NYFW random images. Enjoy!

Public Relations professional Sabrina Chapman and designer Sally Wu moments before the beginning of the Sally Wu's Act 1 runway show.
Getting prepared backstage.

Founder of Secret's Of The Modeling World (somw.org), Rogelio Castillo at the SOMW cocktail party, celebrating the end of a busy NYFW.

The beautiful Zhanna Ved who was featured in the December 5, 2009 issue of the NYS.

A farewell to Bryant Park. The long-time venue with its sprawling tents bid adieu as this was the final season. In September, the Spring show will be held at Lincoln Center (home of the NYC Ballet, Opera, Philharmonic, etc.) so as to have more space. Due to the size and time constraints of the tents there has been a steady increase in recent years of shows held elsewhere. Time will tell if the move is worth it. In the interim, Bryant Park will be missed.

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