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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New York Sartorialist column in "Life With Style" Magazine

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Many thanks to Birri O'Dea, editor of Life With Style magazine. For the photoshoot, tremendous gratitude to Christina Pierce- a wonderful stylist who pulled a family of rabbits out of the hat to make it happen on a tight deadline. The fantastic Mizu Salon not only did the hair styling but also became a homebase as we shot two models with twelve total looks at various locations in one day. Also many thanks to make-up artist Teague Vivolo, Holiday Boutique and Moxie Boston for the wonderful clothes and accessories. Finally our two stunning and highly professional models, Hollis Crowley and Ashley Bickford (shown). I look forward to showing more images from the shoot- I only wish more could have published with the column. Love all of you guys!

Michael Cress ~ New York Sartorialist


Ray Frensham said...

Excellent, Michael. This is very very good indeed. Have a great 2011 - onwards and upwards.

Julianne Fuchs-Musgrave said...

wonderful, as always! congrats