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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Enjoying a beautiful day in New York, Michael is dressed in Lord Willy's (a wonderful boutique) in Nolita. A native of London but New Yorker for the last 18 years, he has maintained that wonderful English bespoke look that is all too rare. There's a tremendous  presence about him that commands admiration with exquisite detailing, colors and a classical, timeless look of his style.


francesco said...

He looks great (I love his socks),but anyway I don't think he is able to tie.What do you think?

mcressii said...

Two things I notice about the tie knot. One its large, the other is that there's no dimple at all. I think I see the end of the tie rising slightly above his waistband. It could be the way he's standing but he may be wearing it short. Wearing it short makes it thicker, thus a larger knot as the tie is wider in the knot-area from the final pull-through. It could just simply be thicker construction. As for dimpling, I personally find it to be more refined as is creates that nice crease in the center which helps lead viewers eyes upwards to the face from there. It also tends to tell people you really know what you're doing if you can create that perfect dimple as it takes years of practice to refine it. I have seen men of tremendous style who simply prefer that look with no dimple. They are not technically incorrect as its an element of style, but personally it wouldn't be my choice for the knot. In conclusion, it's hard to tell if its inexperience or a conscious decision based on personal style to knot it that way.