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Friday, May 14, 2010

Housing Works 6th Annual "Design on a Dime" Opening

Housing Works, the largest grassroots AIDS service organization held their 6th Annual "Design on a Dime" event. Fifty of the best interior designers created, furnished and decorated their own room. All of the furnishings were donated and attendees could buy anything on display. What a neat idea! To make it even better, 100% of the proceeds went to the non-profit Housing Works and this year, the proceeds are going specifically to a housing project called the 874 Jefferson Avenue Residence Project. The Jefferson Avenue Residence is being built as units for single, formerly homeless individuals who are living with HIV/AIDS. Absolutely terrific!

So that's the background! Here's where it gets really fun. What do you get when you combine a great charity, a great cause and great designers? Style baby! Here are just a few of the great images of the night. The entire album can be seen on the Facebook fanpage.

Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty is showing it's not a large jump from fashion to interior design. The tie, button-down and vest have the elements of being more formal while the denim, belt and rolled sleeves effortlessly bridge the gap to casual. I've seen Ty's show enough to know this look is his style and he owns it.

Jaclyn Smith designed a room for her Kmart collection. Forget what she's wearing, she's gorgeous! One of Charlie's Angels in the late-70's, her look will never go out of style.  

Derek Warburton (center) with close friends Simon van Kempen and wife, Alex McCord.

Many will recognize Simon and Alex from "Housewives of New York". I don't think I would have the guts to allow TV cameras to follow me around, but I've been fortunate to see Alex and Simon at a number of events and think the world of them both.

Derek. Sweetheart of a guy. He's worked very closely with Housing Works and this year was asked to design a room for the event. A lifestyle guru (DerekLovesShopping.com), he nailed his room design and in my opinion was one of the best of the event. I could be biased, but I don't think so. Derek's a good friend and was one of my hosts for the event. I'll do a full editorial on him soon; there's a lot to tell and he lives style.

Paul Johnson Calderon and the lovely Alexandra Osipow Vissicchio.

Paul Johnson is another one of our stars on the CW's "High Society". Know what's really bad? I've yet to see an episode. I want to, just hasn't happened yet! To further tell on myself, I think I saw reruns of the first two "Housewives" episodes this season but nothing since! Really bad since I've gotten to know half the people on those shows in real life.

Anyhow, Paul Johnson is a really, really good guy. Down to earth, enjoyable to be around and just a pleasure to know.

Joseph Miceli-Magnone and Brian Farrell.

Joe was my other host for the event. On the Board for Housing Works, he radiates great energy with his deeds, words and thoughtfulness. Wearing a customary splash of color, looks great as usual.

Now I'm a straight guy but even I can see Brian is one heck of a good looking guy. A very accomplished artist who's currently preparing for an exhibit in Athens, Greece- he'll do great (as usual)!

Designer Marisol Deluna ("Deluna By Design, Inc- Marisol Deluna New York")

Marisol is simply incredible. Her dress? Her design. The detailing of the pattern is unbelievable. This one is a New York City theme, which can be seen more clearly close-up. She draws her designs. by hand! Nobody does that anymore, they do it on a computer. Once finished, designs are sent off to the factory for hand screening. That's TALENT! If she made handkerchiefs for me, that's all I'd wear... and everyone knows how much I like my handkerchiefs. That there is my personal endorsement!

This is a really fun shot. Love it! Love Marisol.

There's a temptation to keep going with the images and notes but it's already run long. As I mentioned, the Facebook fanpage has the full album here.

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