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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeisohn Fiala

This guy knows a thing or two about fashion and style. His world revolves around it.

Jeisohn Fiala has a long distinguished career in fashion. Having worked with major fashion designers such as Roberto Cavalli and Christin Lacroix is just a start. His expertise is highlighted by his frequent appearances on Fox and Friends (the Fox News morning show) as the go-to guy on all things fashion as well as hair styling.

He frequently works as a personal advisor to a number of the New York's elite on wardrobe and style. It's a gift to be able to size someone up, emphasize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. To be capable of doing so with a velvet touch and sense of humor so as to make people feel better about themselves is an art. He's got it. A very warm, honest and outgoing guy, he's charismatic- which in itself is the embodiment of style.

Today, he's working Hugo Boss head to toe. Things I noticed are those that usually grab my attention. His shoes (Hugo by Hugo Boss of course) were a deep shade of patent leather blue to compliment the hue in his suit. His pattern and color mix with the shirt and handkerchief brought my eyes in. The base color of the hanky brought out the micro polka-dots in the shirt. The flipped collar shows his individual and characteristic flair. The look isn't wearing him, he's wearing the look. This is about style. The entire look is an outward reflection of who Jeisohn Fiala is. What more can we want in style? A perfect style is a perfect congruity between the inner and outer self. Well done.  

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