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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

As the fashion cycle continues to go around and around, this illustrates some of the current trends. Earthy tones, animal prints and taller boots are de rigueur. Designer Daniela Corte's beige button vest and riding leggings as well as the deep green and leopard print strapless dress highlight the taste of the season.

The gold chains in the Prada necklace, eggplant Tory Burch purse and ornamental buckle on her boots help give a cohesiveness to the look and naturally draws the eyes to the face as the viewer's eye plays connect-the-dot with the gold.

Compared to previous seasons, it's pleasing to see boots getting taller and closer to knee-length. This time last year it was difficult to find the even longer over-the-knee boots, but trends as they are- many designers have incorporated them into their current collections. Mid-calf boots of previous seasons had a lack of symmetry and form. Aesthetically, when boots end at the largest part of the calf- the rest of the leg seems to disappear in the straight-line clunkiness of the boot below. One wonders, are the ankles as large as the calf? To cover the naturally pleasing contour of the lower leg with a boot that gives no indication and even de-emphasizes natural shape is a crime against the female form. Happy to get that off my chest.

Many thanks to stylist Christina Pierce, our model Hollis Crowley, makeup artist Teague Vivolo, Mizu Salon, Daniela Corte, Prada and Moxie Boston for making this shoot possible.

Teague Vivolo

Michael Cress ~ New York Sartorialist

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