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Friday, April 23, 2010

An Englishman in New York

I'm constantly amazed at the disproportionate number of Europeans that catch my eye for style points. Let's get going NY!

Our English gent is wearing a fitted bespoke pinstripe suite and custom-made shirt. The cut reflects the fashion cycle we're in of shorter jackets with narrower legs. Between the cut and the pinstripes, it elongates and emphasizes height- which is generally a desired effect (unless you're already 7 ft. tall).

A general rule-of-thumb for a classic length jacket is to come down to an extended thumb or where the fingers bend. You can see this is a couple inches shorter than that classic standard. In a couple of years he may need to put the suit away in favor of the inevitable change of length, but today he is looking very smart.


stacy said...

Love this look. The English and other Europeans have such an innate sense of style.

Lillie said...

I absolutely love this look...you made my day! Lillie

Lester Bryant III said...

Great suit! What's up with the shoes?