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Monday, April 19, 2010

What a Difference a Shoe Makes

This is a neat look. There's nothing complicated about it, but the way it's put together makes it work. The black cropped and fitted leather jacket is nice and goes seamlessly with the black purse. Simple gray top and rolled trousers.

When I'm out, I instinctively size-up virtually everyone's look in a nano-second. I've always done it but I'm very in-tune with it since I'm looking for special looks.

This look could have gone two ways. It could have been nice but nothing that puts it over the top to be noteworthy. However, there was one detail that did put the look in that special category. It was the shoes. I've seen so many looks that worked but was minimized by boring shoes that have no style or sexiness; thus eliminating what could have been special.

These heels are studded in a neutral color that would work for day-wear or a night on the town if dressed up. Here, they're perfect. The rolled trousers highlight the heels. The studding gives a little extra pop and blends well with the studded bag (which are clearly popular- I'm seeing them a lot).  The continuity of that studded detail leads the viewer's eye from shoe to bag to jacket and then the ultimate and ideal focal point- the face.

I don't know how many other straight men notice sexy shoes on woman but I presume its probably more than woman realize judging by the mundane and boring I see everyday. I certainly noticed these and as a result, the rest of the look as well as her pretty face. I vote YES to sexy shoes!!!

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