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Friday, April 16, 2010

Marisa Leiman

Every picture has a story. I was sitting outside MiN New York on Crosby Street talking with my friend Chad who owns this wonderful boutique (which I highly recommend). Chad runs inside to get something, I look to my left and see a picture perfect scene. My instant response was, "Love the look, mind if I get a picture"? Graciously agreeing, I rattled off a number of frames... and then she subtly moved her head back and to the left. I stopped, peered over the camera and said, "you're a model, aren't you?". She smiled and said yes.

I finished taking shots and we talked. Stunning Marisa Leiman is a Northern California native with an Eastern European look. Previously working with MC2 Model Management, she's been with Muse for the last year and has had a very successful career thus far. When I later saw a list of her credits, I realized why she looked familiar.

Beyond the obvious beauty, Marisa is pleasant and a sweetheart with great energy. As for the shots, she doesn't take a bad one.

For her look, she perfectly matched the bag and her sandals. Mixing up the blacks by varying textures, her scarf has enough vibrant color to give the black that little extra pop that pulls the eyes to her face. Looks, style and personality, it was picture-perfect.  


SoLo MaMa said...


Caio Fernandes said...

wonderful story ,
made with a wonderful ingredient .

Brieanne said...

Marisa Leiman has grown up so much from the last time i saw her. We grew up together in California, last time i saw her was in 2006 and i am trying to find her. If anyone knows how to contact her please email me to breezyanne1@hotmail.com THANK YOU