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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Boutique Review: Nolita's SEW

Why pay over $2,000 for an off the rack suit when you can have a supremely crafted bespoke suit, made right here in Nolita? Third generation tailor and designer, Scott Wasserberger learned the craft early. Scott's father, Arty taught him at an early age the value of classical, well-made garments. Seeing his son's penchent for rebel-rousing when Dad was at work, Arty began taking Scott to work with him at an early age. From there, he caught the passion of bespoke design. Eventually taking over his father's design and tailoring business in Brooklyn, Scott had a vision and changed paths. Four years ago, SEW (for Scott Evan Wasserberger) opened on Mott Street in Nolita and hasn't looked back.

A long, narrow shop with both walls tastefully lined with SEW creations of suits, sportscoats, vests, shirts and more, you instantly feel you've found an oasis from the fashion quagmire. Entering the store, you're instantly greeted with warm smiles and helpful, passionate- but not pushy staff. More often than not, Scott is there and sometimes his father Arty is as well- truly a New York character that will leave you smiling. There are some ready-to-wear items available on display and illustrate the sampling of great design, tailoring, cloths, colors and detail in which to choose from in a bespoke garment. Virtually every detail will be carefully designed just as you like it with .All items are made here in New York, nothing is sent overseas. Have something in mind you can't find? Run it by them, chances are good they can make it for you. For those who truly care about fine craftsmanship, tremendous style and great value- SEW is a can't miss.

One of the newer lines is the woman's "Boyfriend Shirt", which has been extremely popular. Made in a variety of colors and styles, there's enough variety for the most discriminating buyers to leave happy.

As for trends, Scott sees greater interest in grey's and silver's over blue's for traditional suits and sportscoats, particularly with the younger buyers who view the traditional navy blue as too conservative.

Other trends are that velvet jackets are in the early stages of coming back as are rounded collars for dress shirts. Vests, particularly vintage styles have regained their popularity but are being worn casually in less traditional ways.

Since the downturn in the economy over the last two years, buyers have tended to stick with basics and have bought less whimsical or occasional items. According to Scott, the tide is beginning to turn as people are feeling the need to break-out.

Whether buyers are looking to stick with supremely crafted traditional items or looking to add that "rockstar" item to their wardrobe, SEW is an excellent boutique to explore.

Bespoke suits start at $2,100 and custom shirts at $200 (minimum of 2).

229A Mott Street
(212) 686-1630


ajhaveri said...

As a first time customer of SEW, I found the customer service to be extraordinarily poor. I ordered six shirts from the place, and was told to expect a call for a fitting in 3 weeks, and that the all the shirts would be delivered within 5. Suffice to say, week #3 and week #5 went by without a call from Scott or one of his employees. Not a single call!

I subsequently called and left a message, nobody replied. I had to make a personal visit to the store to find out what happened to my order. I was told there was mailing error with the order, and that it would take another 3-5 weeks to get the shirts. A simple phone call explaining the situation would have sufficed.

I ordered the shirts in August 2009, and didn't receive them until last week, December 2009. And of course, one of the shirts was mysteriously missing again. I was told it would arrive before December 24th, and surprise, surprise it did not. I inquired about the last missing shirt a few days before leaving for the holidays, and haven't heard back from Scott.

For the price you are paying for shirts, you should be able to get some *real* customer service. I would recommend trying another place in the city. I'm happy with the shirts I've received, but the delay, and lack of response, and lack of timeliness make me hesitant to place another order with SEW.

Anonymous said...

agreed. I had a very similar experience, and on top of that the product I received was very mediocre

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a common issue. I also waited a good 6 months from start to finish to get my shirts. The fit of the shirts are only so-so. I get better fitting off-the-rack at Hugo Boss. Not worth it for the $335 each that I paid.