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Monday, November 9, 2009

What is Style?

Style is not effortless. It's anything but. However, if you're naturally interested in how you live in all areas of your life, care fundamentally, you're going to apply it to every aspect. Your wardrobe, the tailoring, what you eat, where you live, the work you do. Good manners and manner of the heart. How you speak to and treat others as well as the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind. Style is not a garment, literally or figuratively to wear for the world to see. A stylish life is about being true to yourself and a fundamental interest and passion for how you live it.
 To live stylishly, meticulously applied to all of life, it will- it must, emanate and exude from your being. It can be seen in any view of your life, no matter how large or small, from how you make your bed to how you enter a room. If you do care about style, that attention is just the natural thing to do.

Cary Grant said "It takes 500 small details to make a favorable impression". To me, this is what he meant. Not only attention to every sartorial detail, but attention to every detail in general. If one does these things, others would say you had effortless style.

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