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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twiggy Was Fat!

I was working my way up Broadway in Soho to go do my thing and I ran into a shoot. Of course, New York being New York, you can't shut down streets and sidewalks every time you have a shoot or filming for the City would be in perennial lockdown. That lends to getting close to the action.

First thing I noticed was a girl wrapped in the customary blanket when a shoot is required in temperatures 30 degrees colder than the outfit's minimum threshold. A stylist was working her over to make sure there was enough black eyeshadow. As all's fair in love and the sartorial, I decided to participate a bit.

It took a few minutes for the half-dozen or so to do their customary thing and I'm taking shots the whole time. I finally settled in right above the photographer who was kneeling (wonder if hers came out better than mine?). Being the self-described New York Sartorialist, I was trying to focus on what she was wearing to see if it struck me one way or the other.

Somehow, I was having a hard time getting focused on the sartorial. I only had one major impression of the whole scene. All I could think was... "They haven't let this poor girl eat in months, can't I run and get her a sandwich?". Thought of it for a moment and in despair realized they would wrestle me to the ground before I could make the hand-off. Just another day in the world of high-fashion.

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