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Friday, November 20, 2009

Meet New York's Newest Promising Young Model

Less than two weeks ago Chloé Callahan was sitting in class at the University of Toronto as a Neurobiology major. She was asked through her local Toronto agency to come to New York to meet with one of the major agencies. The trip to New York was for three days. She's not leaving. Immediately signed and put to work, she hasn't had time to catch her breath as things are moving so quickly. 

A San Francisco native, the choice to move to New York to model full-time was an easy one. Her family is fully supportive of her opportunity, in spite of the necessity to suspend school. She's already in a sublet apartment and his heading back to Toronto over Thanksgiving so she can pack up her belongings destined for their new New York home.

Tall, thin, a classic beauty. Chloé has a bit of an Eastern European look- in fact a number of the other models were shocked when she spoke and realized she was pure American. Warm, outgoing and a pleasure to talk to, she'll be easy to work with. America is grateful.

So now Chloé Callahan's wild ride continues and we'll get to see her in action in print and on the runways. We'll keep our eye on her and report back on her progress in the NYS. It's truly amazing how life can turn on a dime. Good luck Chloé!

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