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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Profile In Style: Jenny Romanelli

This Italian beauty gets her fashion-sense honestly with both parents working in Fashion and Jenny herself having worked in fashion and as a model.

In this image, Jenny has on a Gianfranco Ferré dress, a butter-soft leather Gucci jacket, handbag by Blumarine and Italian leather boots. The quality of every piece is quite evident and striking. The details are refined; the earrings complimenting both the dress and the bag, the bag color and red fingernails pull in the red in the Gucci jacket labeling, subtly drawing the eyes upwards towards the face and punctuated by the red lipstick… just in case you somehow weren’t already paying attention. It’s subtle but quite intentional and well thought out. An illustration of true elegance.
True fashionista Jenny Romanelli is, the New York Sartorialist had some questions for her.

What is your hometown?  Florence, Italy. Actually, it’s a small neighboring town just outside Florence, called Vinci. The birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci.

Who are your style icons?  Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. They both had beauty, elegance and style.

Describe your personal style:  It’s fairly classical. I don’t buy things because they are “in fashion” but because I like them. I like to buy quality, not to have for just one year but that I can have and wear for a long time. I would rather have less but higher quality.

How do you build your daily look?  First, I make sure that I’m dressing for the day or the occasion.  I start with my dress or trousers and work out from there. The next is shoes, I LOVE SHOES! The next is the earrings, they need to match with everything else. Finally I pick the bag and the jacket to match. (Indeed, in a different ensemble, she uncannily showed how the earrings matched the outfit, the hardware on the bag as well as her belt. The bag complimented the outfit and matched the boots and the belt!)

… The New York Sartorialist is feeling better about not being the only one putting this much thought into a look.

What is the most stylish City?  Probably Paris, but it’s just different. I like New York, everyone dresses to show who they really are- whatever that may be, it’s very individualistic.

How would you compare New York to Italy? In Italy, everyone follows fashion so it seems everyone is wearing the latest trends. In New York, as I said- everyone dresses in what they feel suits them.

What are your favorite stores?  Of course I like Gucci and Armani but I really don’t shop to go look around. Maybe its opposite of most people. I get something in mind I want and I go to stores looking for that one particular thing. I do love Jimmy Choo shoes, Blumarine and Gucci bags. I look for quality, not the labels.

Favorite place to visit?  India. I love their culture and how they think in that they strive to be in peace and relaxed. I just feel I’m in such closer contact with myself, doing yoga and other things- it’s just their way of life.

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Fabulous style, simply timeless chic.